My Morning Breakfast – My How Times Have Changed

A long time ago when I was young


I am a carb guy.

There was a time where I was convinced if you tapped into the center of the universe you’d find yourself surrounded by a heapful of yummy carbs.

Yes, I was a little different.

Forget the fruits and veggies, I’d shout – Loading up on a bowl full of carb-anything is the only way to live.

But something happened as I traveled along the lonely trail of carb-anything. I got a little older, the mid section a little wider and the blood pressure a little higher.

vector illustration of a overweight man on bathroom scale

One day I decided to try something new. I had fruit for breakfast. As my writing took off and the fruit consumption increased the words flew out of my head.

Sure, an orange will never be as tasty as a plate full of hashbrowns but my work excelled. No longer did I feel like taking a nap two hours after I got up.


A little older and just maybe a little wiser

Now things are different. Sure, I still find time to reward myself. On Saturdays I’ll reunite with a bowl of my favorite cereal and on Sundays the kid and I travel across town to our favorite restaurant.  

But when it comes to the writing week that’s when things take a serious turn.

I opened my day with two oranges and end the morning with one banana. Sure, I toss down a pot of coffee but no longer do I toss down the carbs. I am surprised how clear my head is. Maybe a writer is kind of like an athlete. 

A mental athlete, that is. 

Looking at it now, I’ve slowly created a habit of healthy eating. So if this writing gig never pays off at least the healthy gig did.

No bad if I say so myself. 

A side note: Yes, that’s saran wrap covering the oranges. Damn fruit flies!!!!

Carb 2

36 thoughts on “My Morning Breakfast – My How Times Have Changed

  1. Love the Mickey mug! As a life-long carb freak (okay, I have to add that my favorite food group is cheese, but carbs are a close second) any advice on breaking the evil carb habit would be appreciated. I am looking rather like the cartoon of the gentleman on the scale in your post!

    Is it a song you sing while dancing in the kitchen in your bathrobe? A medium that interprets your food dreams? The consumption of some illicit substance? An electric shock collar?

    Please advise…

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  2. Fruit flies are the worst aren’t they? But I’ll agree with you, somehow carbs seem to weigh down the creative process. I’m going to give the Bryan Fagan breakfast plan a try, one orange, a banana and a pot of coffee! I’ll let you know how it goes! lol


  3. Bryan, I’m starting to feel a little guilty about my bagel with cream cheese I had this morning. It had raisins in it. That’s fruit. Well done on changing your eating habits, though! Also, unless I’m freezing, I just can’t on drinking coffee. My morning cola (coke to be exact) is what I have to drink in order to get anything in my head going. Mickey rules! Mona

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  4. Nice job on the fruit. Such a great breakfast. I was never so healthy and productive as when I was a full-blown vegan. I shed 80 lbs. too and wasn’t even trying. I was walking daily but not doing anything spectacular. I was training to walk a 5k. Soon as I got injured I turned to my favorite form of pain killer – carbs. I found those 80 lbs. again and they had lots of friends. So — back to square -1000. I joined Noom in July to get a handle on why food is my newest drug and lost 30 lbs of it so far. Got a DNA test and it turns out I have a gene only 15 percent of the luckiest of us (addicts) in the world has. Well, I quit booze, cigs, Rx-drugs my doc and dentist gave me for nightmares and anxiety/teeth grinding (hardcore ones, valium, and Xanax). So I can quit carbs again. And there are carbs in fruit. Really healthy ones. Protein too. Cheers and best wishes, and lots of creative braining! ♥.

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      1. Bryan, this beautiful comment really reached into my heart and gave me a shot of courage and inspiration. Thank you. I hope you have a terrific week. *hugs* ♥.


  5. I hear you. I used to be all about the carbs too, but alas – as I get older, I can’t indulge as often as I’d like to (or used to). I do yogurt with fruit in the mornings, alongside the all important coffee. Every once in awhile I treat myself to french toast or something equally carb-yummy. Have to treat myself sometimes 🙂 Kepp up the good healthy eating!


  6. Every Sunday it’s the all I can eat feast day. My own personal reward for being good all week. Enjoy your French Toast. Our youth may be gone but our taste buds live forever.


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