What if a daydream is simply another world that we visit? Is that such a bad thing?

On any other day I would start off with a few examples or tease you with a history of whatever it is I’m talking about. But today I thought I’d cut right to the chase and ask a simple question – Is it okay to daydream?

Or as someone else use to call it – A pretend life.

We’re not exactly the normal type, are we? You and I create cities and small towns and in some cases entire universes. We also create people and talking cars so daydreaming isn’t a big deal when you think about it.

For people who write stories I’ve always had a feeling that daydreaming was part of the act. Some pretend they’re rock stars or actors. They are the ones who sing the hit songs or play lead in the major blockbuster.

But that’s normal stuff and kind of boring.

What does interest me are those who daydream of a life that could have been real had they taken a different path.

Geschäftsmann muss sich bei einer Weg-Gabelung entscheiden

Now we’re talking.

How many of you are living the life you have now simply because of chance? Most of us are. We met our better half because of the town we moved to. We have a job because our neighbor‘s boss was hiring. Tweak it just a little and you have a whole new world.

I remember back in college I met a classmate who introduced me to six different people. In many ways those people changed the way I live today and it all happened because he and I just happened to be sitting next to one another in American Lit.  

Now try adding another layer with you creative mind, place yourself in a different place that may have happened if only you had turned left instead of right.

The possibilities are endless.


For the average person thoughts like this are as dangerous as taking LSD on your lunch break but whoever said you and I were average?

Most of us embrace this way of thinking. It’s our happy place. Our comport zone and in some cases our casting call when searching for heroes and villains.


Our minds are constantly searching for ways to create but sometimes the reasons are far more than pen to paper, it’s our way of handling the stresses of daily life.

We have the ability to close our eyes after a long day and travel to another place just to say hi.

When I completed Dempsey’s Grill I felt lost. I missed those people and I was angry that I had to say goodbye. We had spent a lot of time together. They were there on my good days and bad and at times they were there when it had nothing to do with writing.

Every now and then I pay them a visit. I find my favorite easy chair, close my eyes and the next thing I know we’re joy riding to our favorite burger hangout. We laugh, we tell secrets and when it’s over I always make them a promise that I’ll return.

It’s a promise I’ll never break.

In my current book I keep seeing a little girl and a worn out football player. They’re taking me places too and I’m glad. It won’t take long until we’re friends and when that happens it’ll be time to tell their story.  

So the next time you find yourself escaping, open the door a little wider and see what’s inside. You’ll be amazed at the riches that are waiting for you.

We are not your average bunch. In fact we’re the lucky bunch and that makes me feel good. 

holding hands

Happy Friday Everyone!!!




  1. Thank you for underscoring our permission to nurture the tangents in our heads 🙂 Hey this is a nice seguey to my introvert piece……………. lol.


  2. How boring and mundane life would be without daydreaming. It it not only gives us a respite from the routine but it is what inspires us to reach farther than we otherwise would think possible. One of my favorite bylines is Follow Your Dreams….


  3. I read from somewhere that it’s during daydreaming that creativity and innovative solutions to problems are more likely to occur to people, and I think it’s true! The challenge you raise on daydreaming about ‘the life that could’ve been’ is very interesting. Could bring up a lot of emotions and will definitely branch out to more and more thoughts down the storyline!


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